Frequently Asked Questions



1) Is MilanoCare Pro Hair Smoothing Treatment a relaxer?

      No,  it is a treatment that naturally  straightens hair with a base of collagen and keratin


2) Why a  chocolate treatment?

     Because  chocolate is a nourishing treat for skin and hair, adding shine, vibrancy and improving the general health of the hair.


3) Is it possible to do the treatment over relaxed or chemically-treated hair?

     Yes! The treatment may be done over any previously relaxed or chemically treated hair. It will enhance the condition of the hair and will add shine.


4) Is it better to do the treatment before or after coloring the hair?

     For better results, We recommend coloring the hair first and then applying the treatment. Milano Keratin Smoothing Treatment will enhance the color applied  and eventually existing highlights. We recommend to wait two weeks after the treatment application  before applying hair color.


5) How long Should I wait  before  washing the hair at the end of the treatment application?

    We recommend to wait 48 hours for best results.


6) What CAN NOT be done during the 48 hours?

  • - Do not tie your hair into a ponytail.  • Do not use hair clips.

•     Do not place your hair behind your ears • Do not use hair bands

•     Do not exercise or sweat.

  • - Do not use your glasses to hold your hair back.
  • - Do not use sprays, gel or mousses.
  • - Do Not use any hairspray or other hair treatments.


7) What kind of shampoo can be used after the treatment?

    We recommend to use Milanocare Nourishing Shampoo Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium free and all the other MilanoCare Pro maintenance products (conditioner, mask, leave in , argan oil serum)


8) For how long The treatment will last on the hair?

    Motly depends on how frequent and which products will be applied on the hair. We recommend to use MilanoCare Pro maintenance products for longer lasting results. (up to 4 months!)


9) Is it possible to apply the treatment on children?

    It is NOT recommended to apply on children under 14 years old